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Teachers' trip to the Kegeti gorge

Добавлено: May 2, 2024

On May 2, 2024, teachers of the Kyrogyz Institute of Languages ​​and Culture rested in the Kegeti gorge. At the end of the school year, our teachers need strength and vigor. The team had a great time relaxing in nature.Kegety is a gorge on the northern slope of the Kyrgyz ridge, located 70 kilometers from Bishkek and 20 kilometers from Tokmok. It differs from other gorges on the Kyrgyz ridge in its extraordinary width and spaciousness and is very attractive for a variety of tourists: from “skyrunners” or lovers of leisurely walks to cyclists. Being one of the longest gorges on the Kyrgyz ridge (≈27 km), Kegety boasts a very diverse terrain and a large number of beautiful places. These, of course, include Lake Kel-Tor in the right tributary of the Kegety River, two waterfalls, a forest of Tien Shan spruce and the high-mountain Kegety pass (≈ 4000m), through which you can cross to the valley of the Eastern Karakol River.
It’s also worth stopping at the Kegetinsky waterfall, which is very popular among tourists. This small but deep waterfall is approximately 30 meters high, with cool and clear water - a great place for relaxation or a small picnic.
The elevation gain in the gorge is quite smooth: from 1250 meters at the lowest point, to 3200 meters at the source of the Kegeta River. And if in the lower part of the gorge it seems completely devoid of vegetation, then in the high mountain part, on the contrary, most of the mountain slopes are covered with coniferous forests. This is the most wooded gorge in the Chui Valley.